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The Nerd Stuff
Anything is possible with brain power and time.

TheNerdStuff is a small startup company that I started myself for the purpose of following my dream of having my own software company, I am still learning and getting more and more knowledge, but someday I will get this company off the ground and make it my career. I currently only have two clients both of witch my father is the owner of the company. he loves the work i have done for him and he is still having me develop more software for his companies, he has put me in charge of automating some processes of equipment checking and statistics tracking,

  • PHP

    PHP is back-end programming language

  • MySQL

    MySQL is used to store database info to be used by PHP later.

  • JQurey / Javascript

    Jquery and JavaScript are for front end "make stuff awesome" features

  • Apache / Ngenx

    Apache and Ngenx are web server software

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Some of our top team members
Alan Doyle
President, Lead Developer
Alan is the President of the company and also the main developer.
Billy Haugen
Front-end developer


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